“She enjoyed everything! To be honest, she came home that way every day. She had a wonderful experience here this week.” Parent of camper after 2007 summer camp program when asked what positive experience her child reported.

Pricketts Fort has created a new hands-on arts-based curriculum that is available to schools through outreach workshops at the schools or at Pricketts Fort as part of a field trip experience. Lessons are available for all grade levels from Kindergarten through 12th grade. For more about program offerings, see the Program page.

The curriculum was first envisioned to meet several needs: Pricketts Fort’s need for year round educational offerings and schools’ need for on-site program options. The program is based on the belief that the teaching of art in an historic context strengthens the learning of both the art and the history. Through artisan-led hands-on learning, students are introduced to a wide range of historic arts while being introduced to the artisans, processes and background of the historic period of Pricketts Fort. For specific information about how the lessons fit into WV CSOs for Social Studies and Art plus 21st Century Leaning Skills, see the Curriculum Introduction.

The curriculum is broken down into three Units: Trades, Leisure and Domestic Arts. Within these, students can learn a wide range of activities from blacksmithing a dogwood flower, to cross-stitching their initials in a “sampler,” to playing the mountain dulcimer. Arts presented include the visual arts, music, drama, storytelling and dance. Each lesson contains historical background, artist profiles, literature connections, Multicultural and American Indian connections, assessment, guiding questions, vocabulary, bibliography and references cited. For details of these and all lessons, see the Curriculum.

We hope that you enjoy the material provided here and consider a Teaching History Through the Arts workshop or a field trip to the Fort. To request a visit see the Request Form on the Educators’ page.
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